Destination Nordfjord

The area of Nordfjord is breathtaking, and our main office is situated in Olden, right in the midle of everything. The area is packed with things to do, places to see and food to be eaten. We have glacial landscapes, glaciers, fjords and high mountains.  Each of the valleys  is different, and truly unique.

What I´m trying to tell you is, that to spend one night in this wonderful place just isn’t enough. Rent a cabin at one of the manny camping sites, and spend a few days exploring the area. We have so much to offer!
Please visit , the official travel guide for the area. There you´ll find information regarding Places to stay, what to do and where to go.

My personal recommendation is to go see the Loen valley. we call it our hidden jewel!
Spectacular valley, friendly people and great scenery. This valley also holds one of Norways darkest stories, as a great catastrophy once tok place here.

You should also go visit the Briksdal glacier, one of Norways most visited nature attractions. You´ll understand why when you get there:)  I would consider going there in the afternoon, and you should have the valley almost to yourself:)

Welcome to destination Nordfjord. Home of glaciers, fjords and mountains:)