Sustainability is a vital part of Briksdal Adventure. Our products is based on the local nature and culture. Traveling causes a negative impact on our environment, thus making it very important for us to contribute to keeping our environmental impact small. We focus on keeping the nature clean, by making sure we leave no trace of us or our guests in the nature. Our guides have firm instructions on leaving no garbage behind and using as little fuel as possible.

To offer good experiences to our guests, we need the product to be authentic and real. We therefore have a strong focus on contributing to the local community. A vital part of the experiences we offer is our guides. We spend much time and effort in educating local youths, to be our guides in the future. We take much pride in making as much use as possible of the resources we utilize in our products. This is to us common sense. The more efficient use we get out of the products we need to offer magnificent experiences to our guests, the less of an impact we make on the planet, the local community and our bank account.

We take pride in maintaining our equipment, participating in the local community and educating the local people to be our guides.