Guided glacier walk on the Tystigbreen glacier

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Enjoy a guided glacier tour on the Tystigbreen Glacier. In every direction there is something spectacular to see, such as the plateau of the great Jostedal Glacier – the largest glacier on mainland Europe. You can enjoy the magnificent Norwegian scenery, and have lunch on top of the glacier!

On this tour you meet your guide at Stryn Summerski Resort where you will get a short briefing and get ready for the trip. You trip starts by taking the chairlift up the mountain around 10pm. The lift carries you up through dramatic scenery, and for each minute the view gets increasingly breathtaking.

In every direction there is something spectacular to see, such as the Mt. Lodalskaapa (2083 m), Oppstrynsvatnet Lake in the Strynedalen Valley and the plateau of the great Jostedal Glacier – the largest glacier on mainland Europe.

After leaving the chairlift, the walk towards the glacier front, or start of the glacier, takes us about 45 minutes. We might be walking on glacier ice, or winter snow, the nature is in charge on this, not us. The walk includes about 250 altitude meters on a slightly challenging path, so you should be used to walking to join this trip.

As we reach the glacier we gear up with crampons/snowshoes, harness, ice axe/hiking poles and ropes. The glacier walk lasts about 2-3 hours and you and your guide will be exploring the ice in a safe manner. The condition on the ice may be blue ice, or ice with snow on the surface (this depends on the amount of snow we get in the winter). The guide will share local knowledge with you, as well as basic geology/ glaciology.

One of the highlight of the trip is the lunch break, which you will have ON the glacier. Few people can say that they’ve had lunch on a glacier, surrounded by such breathtaking views!

The walk back down to the chair lift takes about 45 minutes and the chairlift transports you back to your starting point at the bottom.

Welcome to a stress free day, where you can truly enjoy the magnificent Norwegian scenery!

Please read the “Additional information” and “General conditions of contract” before booking.

Good to know:

  • Meeting place: At the parking lot at Stryn Summerski Resort, see map here. Please be there at the latest 09:30am.
  • Transport from listed pick-up locations to Stryn Summerski Resort can be arranged. Please contact the us directly (min. 2 days in prior) at to arrange transport.
  • Please note that food is not included*

Included in this tour:

  • All necessary equipment (Crampons/snowshoes, harness, ice axe/hiking poles and ropes)
  • Professional guide with navigation, safety and emergency equipment.
  • Ticket to the chairlift
  • Storytelling (local knowledge, basic geology/ glaciology etc.)


We accept bookings of less than 5 people, and will send you an confirmation email when we receive bookings for more than 5 people for the specific day.

Minimum age is 12 yrs. +


Total: ~6-7 hours (depends on weather conditions)
Hiking: ~4-5 hours (including breaks)


Due to Covid-19, we do not offer pick-up/drop-off in 2021.

When booking, you may select from the following pick-up times and locations:

08:15am  Olden Fjordhotel
XX:XXam Lo-vik Camping
XX:XXam Joker Loen
XX:XXam Visnes Hotel
XX:XXam Stryn Hotel

We recommend that you bring: 

  • A packed lunch and enough water/drink for the duration of the trip (we usually have 30 minute lunch on the glacier)
  • Snacks (chocolate, nuts, etc is always a good thing to have in the pockets)
  • Suitable clothing according to the weather. Water and windproof clothing is always good to have in Norway
  • Proper hiking shoes or mountain boots and gloves (we have equipment for rent – please have a look at Extras below)

Tour Includes:

• Professional guide
• Ticket to the chairlift
• Hot beverage & snack*

All necessary equipment
• Use of ice axe/hiking poles
Use of crampons/snowshoes
• Use of harness, rope etc.

Extra: pick-up / drop-off


Minimum: 5 people

We accept bookings of less than 5 people, and will send you an confirmation email when we receive bookings for more than 5 people for the specific day. 

Minimum age is 12 yrs. +



• Hiking boot rental
• Hiking pants rental
• Hiking jacket rental
• Day-pack rental
• Hiking gloves

Difficulty level:


Weather Changes:

Due to the possibility of rapidly-changing weather conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to scheduled trips. In the event that your trip needs to be rescheduled for another day or cancelled on short notice, you may choose between joining the rescheduled trip or cancel your order. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate during your tour, it may be necessary to turn around on the trail or head back earlier than planned. If this happens, no refunds will be given.



Private tours can be arranged on request. Please use the contact form and tell us what you prefer.

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«Unbelievable experience. Not to hard. Amazing views and absolutely worth it!»

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