Glacier Safari in Briksdal

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Paddling in the glacial lake at Briksdalsbreen

Start out from the Briksdal mountain lodge, and head up towards the glacier. The walk should take us around 45 minutes, and takes us through dramatic scenery. We pass roaring rivers, rumbling waterfalls, and steep mountains on our way.

As we reach the mighty glacier, we prepare the equipment.  Accompanied by a guide, paddlers navigate a rubber dinghy towards the glacier. To experience the glacier from the lake, gives you a mighty impression of the forces in play, while the guide will show you clear signs of the glaciers movements in the recent years. You will hardly be able to believe the massive retreat the Briksdal glacier has been doing for the last years.

Children accompanied by a responsible adult.
Includes all necessary equipment.
Al participants must be able swimmers

Price: 500 kr pr person, included al the required equipment.

  • Season: May – September
  • Minimum age: 10 years old
  • Minimum number of guests: 8
  • difficulty: easy
  • Duration: around 3 hours, depending on the group, the weather and the currents.
  • Meeting point: By the souvenir shop in Briksdal Google maps directions

This activity must be booked in advance:
tlf 90138308


video from Briksdal: